Hitsuji no Wooly White Sheep Plush (Wooly) (Keychain)





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This palm-sized Hitsuji no Wooly measures 11 cm x 9 xm! With his blushing cheeks and dashing polka dotted bowtie, Wooly is guaranteed to be an adorable finishing touch to any bag. Every sheep of Hitsuji no Wooly is made of the super soft material that feels exactly like sheep’s wool.

Features a pink ball-chain.

“Hitsuji” means sheep. Hitsuji no Wooly  means Wooly Sheep. It was created by Amuse. They are the same makers behind the famous Alpacasso!

These sheep are very stylish and sometimes wear bowties of different colours.

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Additional information

Weight .044 kg
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 10 cm