Common frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long until I receive my package?

We are based in Toronto, Canada. We ship via Canada Post.

In Canada: 

・Your package should arrive within 5 business days or less.

(There are unexpected delays sometimes but usually it arrives within that time frame.)

To the USA:

・Usually between 4-10 business days. 


・Surface shipping is a cheaper option and takes between 4-12 weeks to arrive. 

・We recommend air shipping as it typically takes 6-12 business days to most destinations. 

Can I return an item?

The only returns accepted are when we may have shipped a wrong item (extremely rare).

All other returns are not accepted. A stuffed toy is a bit like clothing where it is handled quite a bit

and can come back soiled or worn. It is for this reason all sales are final.

How do I pay for an item?

The easiest and most popular method is to use Paypal. We accept Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

You may also use our secure merchant services. Both payment methods can be seen at check out time.

In which currency do you charge?

As we are located in Canada we charge in Canadian dollars. The exchange rate will be shown when you get your bank or credit card statement.

Generally, the Canadian dollar is valued less than the U.S. dollar. You can also check online for the current exchange rate.

Are there customs charges that I have to pay?

In Canada there will be no duty to pay.

There sometimes are duty and taxes that are added on once the package arrives in the United States.

This is hit and miss however, sometimes there are charges and sometimes there aren’t. Momoiro Market is not liable for these extra charges.

Who designed your mascot?

Our mascot was created by the artist ScarletDestiney!