May update for Momoiro Market

May update for Momoiro Market ?

May update for Momoiro Market from here

The International Fan Fest Toronto that occurred on April 10-21 was a blast! Here are a few photos from our booth:

Check out that Sakura Rilakkuma!?

Our associate with Rilakkuma and friends❤️

We look forward to what’s in store next for IFF2020!

Coming up in May is Anime North! Check out all the AN 2019 information on our last blog post!

This month, we will be receiving a ton of new plushies, ranging from Rilakkuma to Mochi Mochi Panda to a new varieties of things (not just plushies, we are super excited but will announce later this month!!)

We thank everyone who was able to visit our booth at IFF 2019 and hope to see many more faces at Anime North 2019!!!

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